OCX Cognition - web & mobile app

OCX Cognition - web & mobile app

OCX Cognition - web & mobile app

OCX Cognition - web & mobile app

Predicting Customer Futures with Customer AI

OCX Cognition has transformed business-customer interactions with its cutting-edge AI technology. Our B2B SaaS design agency designed both the web and mobile platforms.

About Projects

OCX Cognition revolutionizes the way businesses understand and engage with their customers. By utilizing next-generation AI, this platform provides an unmatched ability to analyze customer behavior on both macro and micro levels. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that effectively reduce churn and fuel growth.

OCX Cognition is a product of more than 40 years of combined team experience in over 1000 engagements. Its proprietary features like Generative Customer Experience Analytics and Automated Machine Learning set it apart in the market. Real-time data analytics and a highly configurable system make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to gain a deep, holistic understanding of their customer base.

Services We Provided for OCX Cognition

  • UI/UX Design for Web App

  • UI/UX Design for Mobile App

  • UI/UX Design for Responsive Web App

  • Analytic Driven Iterations

  • Development Handover

  • Development Support

The Challenge

When we first met with the team at OCX Cognition, they had a big idea: to take their customer experience platform to the next level with some AI smarts. They knew their stuff when it came to customer experience, but this was new territory. They needed a design that could handle a lot of data - we're talking a mountain of it - and make it easy for their users to understand and use.So, what did we have on our hands? Two big hurdles.

First, we had to figure out how to fit all that data into a design that didn't scare people off. It's like trying to fit a whole library into a backpack. We needed to make sure that anyone who used the platform could find what they needed without getting lost in the data jungle.Then there was the second hurdle: making it work on mobile. Everyone's on their phones these days, right? So, the platform had to be just as smart and easy to use on a small screen as it was on a big one. No one should have to squint or pinch and zoom just to do their job.In the end, it was like putting together a really complex puzzle, making sure every piece was just right so that when someone used it, it just clicked. That was the challenge - and we were ready to tackle it head-on.

The Process

Our adventure with OCX Cognition was like a two-year marathon with a team relay. We were in it together, step by step, from the first brainstorm to the final delivery. We had a big goal: to make their platform not just better, but the best in its league.

We kicked off with lots of meetings, sketching out dreams and ideas. It was like mapping out a treasure hunt, where the treasure was a smooth and smart platform. Our past adventures in designing user-friendly tools came in handy, like an old map to guide us through uncharted waters.

Our mantra was simple: Keep it logical, keep it friendly. We imagined ourselves in the users’ shoes, walking through the platform, and every time we hit a snag, we smoothed it out. It was like hosting a big dinner party and making sure everyone found their seat, felt comfy, and enjoyed the feast.

We tested, tweaked, and sometimes, let’s be honest, started over from scratch. Each feature had to pass the ultimate test: Would it make someone’s day better? If it didn’t, we didn’t rest until it did. It was a bit like playing detective, searching for clues on how to make the experience as smooth as silk.

By the end, what we had wasn’t just a platform; it was a seamless experience, a place where everything just flowed. Like a favorite coffee shop where the barista knows your order, OCX Cognition’s platform became a familiar spot where users could settle in and shine. And that, for us, was a real win.

Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics Dashboard for OCX Cognition showcases our commitment to user-centric design. This streamlined interface offers a clear view of crucial data, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), which provides immediate insight into customer satisfaction. Users can explore detailed data or use the comparison feature for a broad overview across different segments. The journey impact visualization breaks down the customer experience, allowing for a clear understanding of each phase’s influence on satisfaction and outcomes. With a smart filter panel for easy data navigation, this dashboard is not just about looks—it's a practical tool for swift, informed decision-making.

The Refinement: A Tailored Analytics Experience

The latest update to the OCX Cognition Analytics Dashboard enhances data clarity and user interaction. Key metrics and financial figures are presented upfront, offering users a quick read on customer satisfaction and business performance. The 'Journey Impact' feature now provides an interactive view of the customer lifecycle, making it easier to pinpoint areas needing attention. Users can compare different data segments effortlessly, while the intuitive filter panel allows for simple data navigation. This refined dashboard is tailored for a seamless, actionable user experience.

An Enhanced Analytics Interface

The OCX Cognition Analytics Dashboard has evolved, offering refined user experience and detailed data presentation. Users enjoy a clear NPS display and expanded journey impact insights, including operational metrics for in-depth analysis. Its visual design and intuitive filter panel streamline complex data handling, ensuring quick, clear insights for decision-making. This dashboard serves as a dynamic tool for precise data control and business intelligence.

The Progression: A Dashboard Designed for Insight and Action

The OCX Cognition Analytics Dashboard offers a refined user experience with its latest iteration. Users are greeted with an immediate, clear view of NPS scores over time, providing insights into customer trends. The 'Journey Impact' section offers a layered look at the customer experience, while the 'Compare to' feature and a streamlined filter panel enhance strategic analysis and data interaction. This evolving dashboard merges sophistication with user-centric design, making complex data sets accessible and actionable.

The Interface: Mobile User Experience Optimization

The mobile OCX Cognition Analytics Dashboard offers a focused user experience, highlighting NPS scores and customer journey stages for immediate assessment. Key performance indicators are presented through progress bars for a quick service health check. The dashboard includes trend analysis with an NPS line graph and distribution bar, allowing users to spot patterns and areas for attention. Designed for interaction, it provides the same depth of insight as a desktop version in a user-friendly mobile format.

The Interface: A Personalized Customer Snapshot

The mobile interface for OCX Cognition provides a quick, personalized view of customer experience. Highlighting key areas like NPS status and journey phases, it allows for immediate action with tasks like "Re-Onboarding Digital Docs" within reach. KPIs are displayed as color-coded bars, ensuring a snapshot health check of service performance is just a tap away. Designed for ease and speed, this interface delivers crucial data points for swift decision-making on smaller screens.

A Comprehensive Customer Profile

The mobile interface here showcases a comprehensive profile for Arthur Martinson in the context of Furniture & Cabinetry, complete with a significant revenue contribution and a positive 'Promoter' Net Promoter Score (NPS). This profile is enriched with quick access to relevant documents and contacts, indicated by icons for Docs, CLM, and CPQ, ensuring that all necessary information is at the user's fingertips.

The NPS section is vibrant, with a color-coded bar graph reflecting various sentiment levels. The 'Promoter' status is prominently displayed, suggesting strong customer satisfaction. Such visual cues are essential for mobile interfaces, where discerning information quickly is paramount.

A deeper dive into the customer journey is visually represented by vertical bars across different stages — Buy, Build, Onboard, Use, Service, and Support. This visualization is a user-friendly way to quickly gauge the health of the customer's experience at each touchpoint.

Below the journey, the 'Customer & Market Factors' area provides insights into external elements like Price Position, Competitive Position, and Sponsorship, important considerations that can influence customer decisions and experiences.

The 'Operational Drivers' segment presents key performance indicators such as Capability, Stability, and Quality, using color-coded progress bars to indicate status at a glance. It’s a succinct way to convey the operational health related to the customer’s account.

Finally, the interface incorporates social elements, displaying the number of reactions and comments, likely reflecting engagement with Arthur Martinson's profile or related discussions. This social proof element brings a dynamic, interactive layer to the customer profile, suggesting a lively dialogue around the account.

The design elements are not just informative but also interactive, inviting users to engage with the data, follow up on tasks, and prioritize actions based on a holistic view of the customer's engagement and satisfaction levels.

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