Web App Design: Where Sophistication Meets Simplicity

Our mission is to demystify the web app maze. We refine the sophisticated into the straightforward. By focusing on user-friendly interfaces and coherent functionalities, we craft experiences that navigate users through their digital journey effortlessly. It's about transforming potentially overwhelming web app interactions into intuitive, engaging touchpoints that foster user confidence and connection.

Complex Tasks Simplified with Intuitive Design

Halal Lab stands at the forefront of web app design, where intricate systems meet user-centric simplicity. We’re not just about aesthetics—we’re about creating a hub where users feel in command, empowered by tools that are as intuitive as they are powerful.

We delve into the heart of user experience, bringing forth web apps that not only function flawlessly but also resonate on a human level. Our approach is to sculpt a digital environment that speaks directly to your audience, facilitating tasks with precision and a touch of elegance. By marrying technical robustness with graceful design, we ensure that every interaction is more than a transaction—it’s a step towards stronger user engagement and satisfaction.

With Halal Lab as your partner, you can expect a web app experience that stands out in the SaaS domain. Join us in creating web apps that are not just tools, but catalysts for user achievement and business growth.

See it in action

A user-centered approach for a frictionless experience and competitive edge.

Our Process


The process starts with us getting to know more about your business. Together, we'll set up goals, define the scope, find business problems, and figure out other things I need to know about the project.

User-Flow and UX

This step will be about wireframes that emphasize the basic functionality of your website/app. Identifying potential problems and coming up with as many solutions as possible is key to finding the bigger picture.

Final Visual Design

During this phase, we iteratively refine the wireframe until it becomes one that successfully solves the problem. Some might work, some might not.


Once we’re done, we'll give you access to all project files and deliverables (source file). Here you can see how our collaboration turned out and how our idea came to life.

Let's create a digital experience that truly solves your needs.

We believe transparent communication can lead to better project outcomes. Thus, you’ll be involved every step of the way and receive a progress report twice a week (or more if you want), so you always know when and what to expect.

Why Halal Lab?


From your brief and requirement, the design will be made only for you, from skratch. No premade template.

Super friendly + collaborative

We work closely with our clients, you will be added to our slack and we will work and communicate there. Simple!


For complex design solutions, we make few versions for our client to review and select the best options to go with.


We hand-over the source files to you (Figma). And if you need or your dev team needs any support, we are happy to do that.

Submit your project details and receive a comprehensive quotation from our team within 24 hours.

Submit your project details and receive a comprehensive quotation from our team within 24 hours.

Get a quotation

Submit your project details and receive a comprehensive quotation from our team within 24 hours.

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